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My Experience Writing For InfoBarrel Review
Published By careercounselor on 2011-10-01 711 Views

I started looking for more places to put my content and found a number of adsense revenue sharing sites that will pay you when you submit content on their sites.

You have to sign up with the google adsense account before you can earn any money and if you write on good topics then you may get a targeted audience of visitors organically from the internet to come and read your article and proceed to purchase from a related vendor listed near your article.

Many people say that the only way to do this for free is to learn SEO or search engine optimization and keyword research, because apparently when people come to look for something on the web they type in certain key phrases.

The downside is that people have gotten too technical with the strategies and techniques. Many times you will read a site or article that takes the keyword research to far and place these phrases through out the content making the article unreadable.

People want information and they want to hear your personal experiences so it is best to write in a more natural tone of voice and engage the reader to want to stay and share what they just read.

Avoid using too many technical words and stay comfortable with your content. Anyway I am getting off topic and this review is about my experience with Infobarrel.

Okay here it is Infobarrel has managed to make a name for themselves and they have a loyal following of writers who use organic search to get traffic and make money from adsense, amazon and affiliate products.

The multi-user plateform from wordpress makes it possible for similar sites like Seekyt, Snipsly and Wizzley to offer a writing site for authors to distribute content in exchange of the revenue shared on the site.

So far I am new to the site and they moderate the content and review everything that people write. You can pick any category you want to write about and you can follow others and make friends.

I noticed that they allow you to donate any earnings you make to charity which is pretty cool. Reminds me of Squidoo.

They have a pretty active forum of people sharing their thoughts and information with each other which is always a good way to learn.

So far the site is a good way to spread out your content from more than one adsense revenue sharing site.

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