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My Experience Writing For Triond Review
Published By careercounselor on 2011-10-01 230 Views

Everyone is trying to find sites that will pay them for their poetry, or other articles.

Triond has a platform for allowing authors, storywriters, poem writers and all types of writers to come and contribute to the site.

They have a variety of places that you can post your content. Some of the popular areas are:

Healthmad - this is where you will find many articles about health, disease, symptoms and cures. You do not have to be a medical professional to write articles in this section, you just need to be able to provide references to where you found the information.

Gameolosophy -  here you can share your experience with gaming, consoles, video games and multi-user role playing techniques.

Gomestic -  this is where you can share your gardening and homemaking tips, also if you are a do it yourself type of person who is always doing home improvement projects you can write about it in this section.

Computersight - is just what the title suggests you can help people fix their computer problems or talk about the latest in technology from cell phones, ipad, iphone or laptops.

Cinemaroll - is a great way for you to write your favorite movie or television reviews. Talk about character, plots and screenwriting.

BookStove - this one is a good way for authors who like to read and write about books can share their tips and talk about childrens, non-fiction and drama books.

Bizcovering - this is where most of my writing goes for Triond because I like to share my experience with employment and jobs. You can also talk about small business, and e-commerce.

BeyondJane - this one covers topics related to womens issues such as fashion, beauty, or feminine issues.

Authspot - is where you can write about poetry and your creative writing style.

Sportale - is always full of writers who follow sports, news and college football, soccer, baseball, and more.

Notecook - this is probably one of my favorite because I can share my many recipes that I have accumulated over the years. You will find some great dessert and main dishes to read.

I don't think I covered all the sites within Triond because I recall their having a site just for pets too but you can get an idea of what your content can fit into.

All you have to do is tag your content and Triond will do the rest they will place it where they think it will fit best.

Overall you can make money from pay per view or from adsense, you just need to get lots of traffic to earn money from your writing.


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